RSFSRoyal Scottish Forestry Society (Scotland, UK)
RSFSRecreational Sports and Fitness Services (George Washington University; Washington, DC)
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Mills request fully automatic link solutions to replace freestanding winders and ring spinning frames (RSF) without doffing devices.
OMPA has previously used its rate stabilization fund (RSF) to minimize changes in the wholesale rate.
GPS radio-telemetry data from collared animals are compatible with a used-available RSF study design, as no information is available regarding true absences (Boyce et al.
Predation risk.--Predation risk to moose was defined using RSFs developed for data from GPS-collared wolves and grizzly bears in the Besa-Prophet area of northern British Columbia (Milakovic 2008; Milakovic et al.
For the sake of comparative analysis, classification tasks are done using RSFs, RCFs, wavelet statistical features (WSFs), and wavelet cooccurrence features (WCFs), respectively.
In the GTM and sGTM methods, each PET-space VOI image is convolved in 3D with the PET PSF to obtain the RSFs, which are blurred versions of the corresponding tissue masks.
Resource Selection Functions.--When the highway was partitioned into 3-km sections, estimated White-tailed Deer and Mule Deer RSFs were not significant (all P [greater than or equal to] 0.14) in all years, indicating that no selection or avoidance of highway sections by either species could be detected at this relatively small spatial scale.
Taking into account the association of each miRNA with PaC risk, each patient was assigned a risk score function (RSF) according to a linear combination of the miRNA expression levels.
Bombardier Aerospace, a manufacturer of transportation solutions, announced today (10 April) that it has selected SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance BV, an independent third party maintenance provider for regional jet and turboprop aircraft, as a Recognized Service Facility (RSF) for the Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft.
This allows to describe ASFs ("Laruns village") as well as RSFs ("close to Laruns", "in the south of Laruns").