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The mining conference has been organised by the Mauritanian government in partne rship with private actors, national and international mining companies.
Birmingham Cultural Partn rship chairman Coun Martin Mullaney, who was leading the delegation, said he expected the judging panel to be impressed.
For instance, Shanta Gokhale and Irawati Karnik revisit the issue of censorship through their play, S* x, M* rality & Cens* rship ( January 11, Kamani Auditorium, 6.30 pm).
It is an initiative that the Wa rship Preservation Trust supports wholeheartedly and wishes the committee success in achieving its objective.
In the Palestinian case, the 'inside-outside' divide is intertwined with the determination of the exiled leade rship to maintain control vis-a-vis the inside challenge.
Malory seems to share this conviction as he directs readers' evaluation of his characters, exposing their attitude towards the promises they make, and depicting the best of knights as actively establishing their reputation by taking vows whose demanding nature is supposed to increase their wo rship.
In the final chapter, Grint even argues that although leadership can be understood better using his framework, in many cases the effect of leade rship cannot be precisely determined either in advance or after an event.
Prior to reporting the results of our quantitative survey of systems and structures, we discuss the implications of different owne rship forms for archetype change.
Gray soon became extremely reticent concerning his initial ventures into autho rship and his associations with Wilde.
This argument is essentially an assertion of alternative modes of owne rship and social protocol.