RSHPRogers Stirk Harbour & Partners (architecture firm; UK)
RSHPReading Single Homeless Project (Reading, UK)
RSHPRogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Limited (London, UK)
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Well, the Scottish Government is now updating the 2001 guidance to make sure RSHP lessons fit with the new Curriculum for Excellence and to reflect the Bill to legalise same sex marriages.
RSHP say it could help contribute to solving the UK's current housing crisis.
The Homeshell will be dismantled after its display at the Royal Academy and rebuilt on a site in Mitcham, where it will be fitted out and act as the show house for prospective tenants for the YMCA South West Y:Cube Housing project, designed by RSHP.
The London Centre, developed by RSHP, evolved from Richard Roger's personal response to the brief calling for an aesthetically uplifting environment, where people affected by cancer could benefit from the unique Maggie's programme and find support beyond the hospital environment.