RSIARailroad Safety Improvement Act (2008 federal law)
RSIARailroad Safety Improvement Act
RSIARepetitive Strain Injury Association (UK)
RSIARegionally Significant Industrial Area (Oregon)
RSIARay Silva Insurance Associates (Campbell, CA)
RSIARestated Strategic Investment Agreement
RSIARapid Strip Immunoblot Assay
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The September Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to Congress said, "Given the implementation challenges railroads face in meeting the deadline, and to help FRA manage its limited resources, Congress should consider amending RSIA as FRA has requested.
Hamberger said the FCC's current approval process is unworkable for a deployment on the scale of the PTC in the timeframe mandated by the RSIA and the Federal Railroad Administration's rules, "Until the FCC develops a workable procedure, installation of the PTC antennas is at a standstill," says Julia Wise, a spokeswoman for the AAR.
The report said BNSF is on schedule to meet the deadline because of its "extensive experience working on PTC prior to RSIA, its iterative build and test approach, and the concurrent development of its PTC dispatching and back office systems."
According to GAO's analysis of covered employee work schedules, RSIA's requirements led to changed work schedules, increased rest time, and reduced risk of fatigue for covered T&E employees.
The 2002, RSIA bypass mail changes forced many air carriers out of business.
Hermina opened the RSIA Depok with a capacity of 70 beds.
As originally written, the RSIA mandated that PTC be put into service by the end of 2015.
The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA) has mandated the widespread installation of PTC systems by December 2015.