RSIRRevised Speech Intelligibility Rating
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6abc agastyah khanamanah khanitraih, prajam apatyam balam ichamanah, ubhau varnav rsir ugrah puposa "Digging with his spades, Agastya, who was seeking progeny, a lineage, and strength and who was a mighty sage, prospered in both areas." That is, he was both a successful sage and a successful progenitor.
NC also cites Nirukta 9.23: mudgalo bharmyasva rsir drughanam ca vrsabham ca yuktva samgrame vyavahrtyajim jigaya.
etasminn antare kascid rsir Dhaumyo namayodah (Mbh 1.3.19) "in this time, some Rsi called Dhaumya Ayoda." "In the meanwhile" would be preferable to "in this time."