RSISRelocatable Screen Interface Specification
RSISRajaratnam School of International Studies (Singapore)
RSISRS Information Systems, Inc. (McLean, VA, USA)
RSISRole of Science in the Information Society (conference)
RSISRamsar Sites Information Service (wetlands data)
RSISRotorcraft Systems Integrated Simulator
RSISRobotic Systems Integration Standards
RSISRoyal Springs International School (Gwagwalada, Nigeria)
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Given this lack of substantial investments among second- and third-tier suppliers, if any suppliers in the Japanese automobile industry have large RSIs, they must be among the larger first-tier suppliers.
A company from Indiana showcases a new, low-cost way to treat RSIs and bring injured employees back to work more quickly.
RSIS resource manager Charles McLaughlin says the new railway industry has echoes of the Aberdeen oil boom of the '70s and '80s.
Misconceptions concerning RSIS have resulted in federal and state efforts to regulate corporate work environments, including a proposed ergonomic standard developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and VDT/cumulative Trauma standard promulgated in California and other states.
"Oh," she said, after I told her about my night-time adventures, "that's a very common symptom of RSI."
Users can type faster while having less control over the pace of their work.(4) Word processors pose special problems since they allow workers to type up to 240 characters per minute for hours without a break;(6) and research results suggest that workers who type for more than five hours a day at a computer have 12 times as great risk of developing RSIs as those who spend less time.
RSIs may have become so common because we are no longer required to move a manual carriage return or withdraw and insert paper into the typewriter.
Perhaps one of the most notable issues is manifested by the increase in reported cases of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) that have many office workers joining pianists, tennis players, and line workers in the waiting rooms of physicians who diagnose and treat muscular skeletal injuries.
Said Ambassador Barry Desker, Dean, RSIS, "As a leading think tank and research centre, our mission at RSIS is to forge new ground in strategic thinking on security issues in the Asia-Pacific with a practical application for policymakers.
RSIS has been one of the nation's fastest growing technology companies for nine straight years, according to the "Fast 500" ranking by Deloitte & Touche.
Forty educators, researchers, and reformers from 17 RSIs (the final funding cohort) were interviewed during the course of this study, specifically 24 RSI project staff (principal investigators (PIs), project directors (PDs), and regional coordinators), 2 project evaluators, and 14 school district and school personnel.