RSLLRawlings Senior Little League (baseball)
RSLLReduced Side Lobe Level (directional antenna)
RSLLRelative Side-Lobe Level
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Hypothesis 8: in the presence of shareholders majority, we assume that over-investment risk (measured by RSJ or RSLL) negatively influences investment and positively dividend distribution.
The variable over-investment risk RSLL as measured according to Lang and Litzenberger (1989) is significant and influences positively investment decisions.
Over-investment Jensen's Methodl : RSJ = 1 if Risk [Q.sup.tobin]<1 and FCF is positive, = 0 otherwise Long and Lizenberger's Method 2 : RSLL = 1 if [Q.sup.LL] <1 , and =0 otherwise Variable Hypothesis to be tested Investment Investment influences negatively ratio: I dividend Dividend per Dividend negatively influences share: D investment Earnings (2) per Positively influences dividend share E Retentions per Positively influences investment share RPS Cash flow per Positively influences investment share CFPS and dividend Firm Size Size influences positively dividend and investment Free cash flow FCF influences positively dividend and investment.