RSLRRelative Sea Level Rise
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As the echo pulses belong to the same group of self-complementary sequences, they should be processed together to acquire ultra-low range RSLR performance.
By using CC-S as transmitted waveform, the SAR system can acquire ultra-low RSLR performance, due to the self-complementary property of CC-S.
Unlike the conventional SAR system employing the LFM, the SAR system based on CC-S can obtain ultra-low RSLR performance, thus improve the imaging quality.
Abbreviations: AOGCM: Atmospheric and Oceanic General Circulation Model; CZMS: Coastal Zone Management Subgroup; GHGs: Greenhouse Gases; GIA: Glacier Isostatic Adjustment; GIS: Greenland Ice Sheet; GMSL: Global Mean Sea Level; GRACE: Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment; ICM: Integrated Coastal Management; IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; IPCC AR4: IPCC Fourth Assessment Report; NAO: North Atlantic Oscillation; OHC: Ocean heat content; PDO: Pacific Decadal Oscillation; PSMSL: Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level; RCPs: Representative Concentration Pathways; RSLR: Relative Sea-Level Rise; SRES: Special Report on Emission Scenarios; UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; WAIS: West Antarctica Ice Sheet.
This contribution has not been sufficient to offset RSLR in most of the coastal zone, leading to increased flooding duration and vegetation death (Mendelssohn et al.
Relative sea-level rise (RSLR) has proven a critical factor in determining relative marsh elevation and habitat changes in the Louisiana coast (Day and Templet 1989, Cahoon 1994, Day et al.
To isolate the effects of RSLR all of the tide records were collated, where two distinct longterm trends of mean water level emerged.