RSMEReal Sociedad Matemática Española (Spain)
RSMERoot Mean Square Error
RSMERoyal School of Military Engineering (UK MoD)
RSMEResearch Studies in Music Education
RSMEReading Society of Model Engineers (Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA)
RSMERemediation Services for Microsoft Excel
RSMERapeseed Methyl Ester
RSMERegistered Somatic Movement Educator
RSMERyedale Society of Model Engineers (UK)
RSMERating Scale for Mental Effort
RSMERomanian Society of Mechanical Engineers
RSMERand Society of Model Engineers
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The RSME Gp has reaped the benefits of training transformation by more efficiently fulfilling training requirements with time and resources, providing cost savings, and producing a better product.
The different distance signal results reveal that the propagation distance has a small impact on the amplitude ratio, with an average RSME of 0.78 dB.
RSME MAE Model type MNLR 3.86 3.34 ANN 2.08 1.69 MC 1.70 1.37 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Modeled and forecast RSME for the [A.sub.0] (3) model estimated with weekly observations RMSE (basis points) Maturity (Years) In-sample Out-of-sample 1-week forecast [A.sub.0] (3) fit [A.sub.0] (3) Random walk 0.25 0.0000 23.7651 12.3279 0.50 10.3195 23.3404 11.3276 1.00 18.4792 25.4479 10.3468 2.00 15.5717 23.7895 11.9871 4.00 0.0000 16.9017 15.1659 5.00 4.6319 16.5392 15.6178 7.00 7.1523 16.4781 15.8800 8.00 5.8183 16.3442 15.9748 9.00 3.3527 16.3501 16.1189 10.00 0.0000 16.8046 16.3293 Note: 500 observations were used for estimation, and 124 for forecast validations.
In terms of the fitting error, Table 4 shows the mean error (ME) and the root squared mean error (RSME) of the five contracts used in estimation.
Kuala Lumpur: Maybank intends to aggressively expand its financing to the Retail SME (RSME) segment across the region following its success in Malaysia which has seen it record compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 30% in loans since the full roll out of the RSME model in 2013.
The bank said that it was looking to increase its retail small and medium enterprise (RSME) loans by 40 percent to MYR14bn this year from MYR10bn in 2015.
For last weekend's dog walk, Baloo wore a Mila-knitted hat made by the Rescue Saluki Middle East (RSME) organisation and his 'I'm your Buddy' jacket.
Statistical Indices for Experiment Results Model Wood Floor CV- Carpet Floor Order RSME (30% NMBE (10% CV-RSME (30% NMBE (10% limit), % limit), % limit), % limit), % 3rd 17.57 0.98 19.76 4.43 13th 19.30 -4.93 22.22 2.87