RSMoMissouri Revised Statutes
RSMoRegional Storage Management Office (US Army MTMC)
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(244) HB 2540 helped to clarify RSMo. 143.151, foregoing undue and burdensome litigation over the issue.
(3) Hunting, fishing, or trapping as allowed by chapter 252, RSMo, including all practices and privileges as allowed under the Missouri Wildlife Code;
(2) Be sanctioned under the provisions of section 217.262, RSMo [statute punishing frivolous suits].
(15.) HB 780 (1995), RSMo Section 191.651 and 567.020.
Section 238.330 RSMo authorizes the corporation to issue revenue bonds to pay all or part of the cost of the project.
A "blended system of local public defender offices and appointed counsel programs" (87) was utilized beginning in 1972 when the Missouri General Assembly passed chapter 600 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri ("RSMo"), which established the Public Defender Commission (88) and secured paid counsel for indigent defendants through "a system of full-time public defenders." (89) By 1973, fourteen MSPD offices were present in Missouri, and that number grew to eighteen by 1977.
The data includes open and closed claims that insurance companies and self-insured hospitals are required to report under Section 383.105 RSMo.
Section 544.180, RSMo 2000, defines arrest as an actual restraint of the person of the defendant, or by his submission to the custody of the officer, under authority of a warrant or otherwise.
In the statistical study conducted by EHOC and the Civil Rights & Community Justice Clinic, which encompassed 6,369 landlord-tenant cases during the 2012 calendar year, based on Chapters 534 and 535, RSMo, only 2 cases (0.03%) resulted in a judgment in favor of the tenant, while 4,934 cases (77.5%) resulted in judgments in favor of the landlord, with the remaining cases being dismissed without a judgment.
The revised minimum standards for school bus chassis and school bus bodies have been prepared in conformity with the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) for school bus transportation.
(17) Nursing personnel shall hold a valid and current license in accordance with sections 335.011-335.096, RSMo.