RSNFRoyal Saudi Naval Forces
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During stay at Jeddah port, Commanding Officer PNS ASLAT, Captain Shafiq Ur Rehman PN called on Commander Western Fleet RSNF.
In his address, Commander RSNF said that the close collaboration of armed forces of both the nations was reflective of the deep-rooted fraternal relationships between them.
In his address, Commander RSNF, Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al-Ghofaily highlighted that close collaboration of armed forces of both the nations are reflective of the deep rooted fraternal relationships between them.
Commander Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al-Ghofaily had joined Pakistan Naval Academy in 1979 and upon completion of his initial training here, he passed out from in 1984.
RSNF Commander General Al-Ghufaili said that this type of aircraft has the latest military technology and is characterized by the high combat capabilities of surface and sub-surface wars, which enhances the capabilities of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces to meet all challenges and threats in the region and to contribute in partnership with the naval forces of other countries to enhance maritime security in the region.
During the meeting, Commanding Officer PNS SAIF conveyed well wishes from Chief of the Naval, Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi to the people of Saudi Arabia in general and RSNF personnel in particular.
In order to consolidate the existing strong bilateral relations between Pakistan and Royal Saudi Naval forces, major joint Naval Exercises Naseem Al Bahr XI, First Joint Mine Counter Measures Exercise (MCMEX) and Marine Forces Exercise "Deraa Al Sahil" between Pakistan Navy and Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) were conducted at Saudi Arabian Port Al Jubail from February 9-17, 2018.
NAVSUP BSC assists RSNF in four key areas: IT consulting; developing enhancements to the COMPASS program; COMPASS and technical training; [and] maintaining day-to-day operation of COMPASS.
The naval chief also visited RSNF ships and shore-based establishments.Matters of mutual interest and bilateral naval collaboration were discussed during the meeting with Johani, while both parties also acknowledged the significance of close and strong bilateral naval association between PN and RSNF.
As the training continued, the RSNF team toured NAVSUP FLC Bahrain's hazardous material facilities and learned how the U.S.
15 (Petra) -- Units from Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF), on Saturday, arrived at the Saudi King Abdulaziz Naval Base (KANB), while a group of Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) arrived at the Marka military airport in Amman, to carry out the "Abdullah 5" joint military drill this week.