RSNSRobust Symmetrical Number System
RSNSRadio Stations News Service (Columbia Broadcasting System)
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Domestic OIBDA contributions increased 10% over the prior year quarter led by higher contributions from FOX News and the RSNs.
It's hard to call Disney's divestment of the Fox RSNs "proceeds," considering it already paid a hefty premium to acquire them.
The RSN portfolio, which excludes the YES Network, is the largest collection of RSNs in the marketplace, with an extensive footprint that includes exclusive local rights to 42 professional teams consisting of 14 Major League Baseball teams, 16 National Basketball Association teams, and 12 National Hockey League teams.
Strength of Cable Networks: Disney's strong portfolio of cable networks, in particular ESPN, and strengthened by the addition of Fox's general entertainment cable networks and RSNs, underpin the company's ratings.
Among the RSNs, alterations in frontoparietal and cerebellar networks were shown to be caused by motor learning [11].
For defining distinct modes of long-distance interactions, independent component analysis (ICA) has been a popular method to generate resting-state networks (RSNs) [34, 35], and resting-state functional network connectivity (FNC) [36] can be used to represent the temporal correlation among these RSNs.
(24) Public Service Act, RSNS 1989, c 376, s 30(1): "The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, appoint a person to be Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Justice, who shall be paid such salary as the Governor in Council determines and shall perform such duties as are, from time to time, prescribed by the Governor in Council."
Belkadid, "Design of a three-dimensional antenna UHF in the form cubic intended for RFID, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and RFID sensor networks (RSNs) applications," International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation, vol.
It has been suggested that two resting-state networks (RSNs), salience network (SN) and the default mode network (DMN) [8], where the atrophy caused by dementia is largely concentrated, play an essential role in AD.