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Crawford evidently had some misgivings from the outset about Phillips's suitability for the Directorship of RSPacS because he appeared to have had little administrative experience.
But he now informed Crawford that he had received a telephone call that morning from Phillips asking him whether he could use Meade's name in an application for the Directorship of RSPacS. Meade told Crawford that he should treat Phillips's 'application very seriously.
Another internal assessment of Phillips's abilities and possible contributions to the ANU came from Dr Conrad Blyth, a New Zealand-born economist with a doctorate from Cambridge and who was now a member of Arndt's department in RSPacS. He wrote to the Director of RSPacS (Crawford) at Arndt's suggestion (Blyth to Crawford, 15/5/1967, ANUA).
Phillips himself by the middle of May had come around to thinking that he might be better suited to a chair in economics rather than the Director's position in RSPacS. It seems that the ANU had come to a similar conclusion, prompted perhaps by Phillips's lack of administrative experience.
On 30 May, Crawford wrote to Phillips to let him know that the committee of the ANU Council responsible for selecting a new Director for RSPacS had noted the 'strong interest in continuing your research work'.
A joint electoral committee for a chair in economics in either RSSS or RSPacS met towards the end of June 1967.