RSPADRumah Sakit Pusat Angkatan Darat (Indonesian region)
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2), TRTT remained nearly constant (~1) at a lower RSPAD (RSPADless than-3), and decreased with the increase of RSPAD when RSPADgreater than -3.
To our knowledge, this is the first report on the concept of TRTT and on the quantitative relationship between TRTT and RSPAD in rice crop.
Where, RSPADi-1 was RSPAD in leaf age i-1; m was the average value (0.936 in this study) of TRTT at lower RSPAD (RSPAD less than -3) in both experiments (Exp.
Moreover, as the input variable (RSPAD) of our model is measured using non-destructive method, the simplicity and ease of use are enhanced.
10 may need to re-fit, because different varieties may show varying degree of sensitivities to RSPAD. In spite of this, the fact that one variety may be used for many years in a specific area, and production conditions in a specific area show slight inter- annual changes and production practices are rather standardized implies a general applicability of our model.