RSPERecombinant Streptococcal Pyrogenic Exotoxin (microbiology)
RSPERetail Stockage Policy Evaluation
RSPERadar Signal Processing Equipment
RSPERoyal Society of Painters-Etchers
RSPERespiratory-Sorted Phase Encoding (magnetic resonance imaging)
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Weight of the indicator of the relative GVA size will be half the weight in the RSPE, other factors will have the same weight.
It is also quite easy to evaluate the trend of the RSPE indicator series for individual regions.
Since the value of each indicator component is relative to the benchmark of the given component, the average value of the RSPE indicator for all the examined regions will be equal to one.
3, the surface resistivity of the HIPS/RSPE composites decreases with the RSPE content.
Therefore, the addition of such RSPE to the HIPS host is able to endow the HIPS matrix with a permanently antistatic ability instead of the temporarily antistatic property of the traditional antistatic agents.
The surface resistivity gradually decreases with temperature, implying that the conductivity of the HIPS/RSPE composites is attributed to the formation of a continuous ion-conductive RSPE phase.
However, all the HIPS/ RSPE composites can be also successfully fabricated in a given time.
The [T.sub.g] of HIPS/RSPE at the higher temperature of 100[degrees]C seems almost unchanged after the addition of RSPE, indicating a moderate miscibility between the HIPS host and RSPE, and this will be helpful for the formation of RSPE conductive networks in the HIPS matrix.
RSPE elastomer as a continuous phase evenly disperses in the HIPS matrix, and thus significantly enhances the toughness of the composites.
The addition of PEO to the composites is propitious to enhance the dispersion of the RSPE into the HIPS matrix.