RSPMRespirable Suspended Particulate Matter
RSPMRaven's Standard Progressive Matrices (general intelligence test)
RSPMRevolutionary Socialist Party Marxist (political party)
RSPMRadio Suara Persaudaraan Matraman (Indonesian: Voice of Matraman Brotherhood Radio; East Jakarta, Indonesia)
RSPMRelativistic Self-Phase Modulation (physics)
RSPMRemote Site Project Management
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In the present study, we used the Brazilian standardizations of RCPM and of RSPM. The Brazilian standardization of RCPM is based on the results of 1547 kindergarten and elementary school children, aged 5 to 11.5 years, from the city of Sao Paulo (25), and of RSPM is based on 366 individuals with educational level ranging from elementary to postgraduate school, from the city of Rio de Janeiro (24).
Results from these tests are further compared with the RSPM procedure which is a measure of general cognitive abilities and can also be used in the determination of hemispheric dominance.
(2) Major sources of SPM are fuel combustion, power plants, and emission from diesel buses and trucks RSPM ([PM.sub.10]) The presence of high (1) The term RSPM is a (respirable levels of RSPM leads to composition of dust suspended cardiovascular diseases particles, industrial particulate and respiratory issues, waste, and combustions.
Managing Director KPPRA, Syed Muhammad Javed and former Federal Secretary and Consultant of RSPM Habibullah Khan addressed the inaugural session of the workshop also.
Measured pollutants were sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM or [PM.sub.10]).
* The concurrent validity of DISCOVER with the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM).
"While both groups performed RSPM test with equal accuracy, the autistic group responded more quickly and appeared to use perceptual regions of the brain to accelerate problem-solving," said lead author Isabelle Soulieres, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University who completed the experiment at the UniversitE[umlaut] de MontrE[umlaut]al.
The ongoing games-related construction is responsible for a huge jump in the amount of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) in the air.
They were Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM) (Ravens, 1965), Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children--Revised (WISC-R) (Wechsler, 1975), and SFT Scale (Clifford, 1988).
Navajo adolescents' scores on a primary questionnaire, the Raven Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM) and the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS): A correlational study.