RSQRefugee Survey Quarterly (peer review journal)
RSQResearched Superior Quality (health supplements)
RSQReadability, Strength, Quality (radio signal reporting system)
RSQReal Sound Quality (JVC Electronics)
RSQRally Sport Quebec
RSQRevised Statutes of Quebec (Canada)
RSQRetail Sales Questionnaire
RSQReliability, Safety and Quality
RSQRéseau Scoliose Québec (French: Quebec Scoliosis Network; Canada)
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RSQ Five is for relief of stress, trauma and anxiety.
Based on the RSQ, we designed a brief measure for physicians to report child coping.
Follow-up z-tests for significant differences between correlation coefficients revealed significantly larger correlation coefficients for FoMO Abel and the PANAS-NA, PANAS-PA, and RSQ scales (z's = -3.26, 3.54, and -2.42 respectively, p < .05).
The RSQ consists of 17 items reflecting respondents' general orientation to close relationships.
Renata Uthappa's "Moving Closer: Speakers with Mental Disabilities, Deep Disclosure, and Agency through Vulnerability" (Rhetoric Review, 2017), like Cathryn's RSQ article and Drew's TCQ article (noticeably, I think, if one were looking for trends in the current cluster), focuses MHRR's attention on patients rather than on practitioners.
In the recent SZ group, a significant improvement was found on the negative PANSS dimension, severity, and intensity of SI and on the RSQ (see Table 2).
The Relationship Scales Questionnaire (RSQ; Griffin and Bartholomew, 1994) is a self-report measure consisted of 30 short statements that describe feelings about close relationship on 5 point Likert scale (ranging from not at all like me to very much like me).
Then, we choose the tire force data obtained based on the Lagrange interpolation and use the genetic algorithm [19-21] and consider RSQ as the objective function of algorithm iteration to identify the parameters in Magic Formula tire model.
R-squared, for a data set, can be estimated using the RSQ function in Excel, which uses the syntax =RSQ(known_y's, known_x's).
The multidimensional scaling analysis showed good fit indices (RSQ = .89, Stress = .16) for the two-dimensional solution.
We need to consider all four values (parameter estimate, p-value, LogWorth value and Rsq value) (Table 3) to find out the significance and direction of the flood or mining impacts on the property market.
The Sealed-Blok RSQ model allows the user to choose between automatic rescue and fall arrest modes prior to use.