RSRERoyal Signals and Radar Establishment
RSRERon Spencer Real Estate (Ohio)
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When the RSRE became largely privatised, Peter persuaded senior management to sponsor the Autumn in Malvern festival, using the principal concert and post-concert supper at Eastnor Castle as a way of lubricating the wheels of much-needed business from Europe, America and Japan.
It is important to note here that the research into MOCVD technology being undertaken at Sony was based not only on the research conducted by Dupuis and his team at Rockwell International in 1977, but also on the work to elaborate this breakthrough that was undertaken by Philips, Hewlett Packard, and RSRE in later years.
The form is arranged using the low, moderate, and high risk levels referred to on the ISRE and RSRE and includes both required interventions and space to write optional interventions for each risk level.
Several technology demonstration units operating in different frequency bands have now been built and tested, and the unit on display was delivered to the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment (RSRE) several years ago, but had been borrowed back to make its public debut at BAEE.