RSSAILAReturned Sailor's, Soldier's and Airmen's Imperial League of Australia (previously Returned Services League of Australia)
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The Victorian Chamber of Agriculture also pointed to a lack of interagency coordination, recalling that timber felled to make way for roads had simply been allowed to rot; and the New South Wales branch of the RSSAILA testified about the inconsistent treatment meted out to soldier settlers by the state's lands, agriculture, irrigation and rural finance agencies.
(52) Victorian Chamber of Agriculture transcript of evidence, 22 October 1943, WP, 9/79, UMA and NSW branch RSSAILA transcript of evidence, 7 September 1943, CP462/1, NAA.
The 'fascist' loudmouths seem to have been reported by people annoyed by their pro-Hitler statements.272 Paterson was prosecuted following representations from the RSSAILA. Moreover, recipients of anti-war pamphlets sometimes took the trouble to write to the government, asking that something be done.