RSSDResearch and Scientific Support Department
RSSDReplication Server System Database (Sybase)
RSSDReduced-State Sequence Detection
RSSDResponses of Savannas to Stress and Disturbance
RSSDRemovable Secondary Storage Device
RSSDReduced Size Secure Digital
RSSDResearch Statistics Supervision Discount (US Federal Reserve Board)
RSSDReceived Signal Strength Detector (satellite communications)
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To classify ship radiated noises with the high recognition accuracy, the robust time-frequency analysis method combining RSSD and HHT is proposed in this paper.
First, the ship radiated noise is decomposed into high resonance component, low resonance component, and residual component by RSSD, where high resonance component is multiple simultaneous sustained oscillations, low resonance component is nonoscillatory transients, and residual component is white Gaussian noises.
To resolve this potential issue, we match all owners to their CRSP PERMCO and FR Y-9C RSSD ID at each quarter.
And so, following the CNPDSUE, OED, RDMASUE and RSSD dictionaries, the converted verb to duck surfaced in the 19th century in the secondary sense 'to avoid, to neglect to attend' (19th > 20th centuries), whereas in the 20th century the word started to be used in pool terminology with the secondary meaning 'to miss a shot or lose the game intentionally to mislead an opponent as to your true ability'.
The RSSD procedure was designed to help prepare our animals to exhibit generalized identity matching.
In species with RSSD, females do not mate with many males, they are not dominant, and are not more aggressive than males of the same species.