RSSERussian Spring Summer Encephalitis (tick-borne virus)
RSSERecommendation Systems for Software Engineering (International Workshop)
RSSEReduced-State Sequence Estimation
RSSEResearch in Social Studies Education
RSSERoyal Society Summer Exhibition (UK)
RSSERouting and Switching Specialization (certification)
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Domestic Corporations Firms Number of observations 27 33 Sum of squared residuals 235.814992 1577.512134 Thus USSE = summation of the sum of squared residuals of the quadratic equations fitted on each sample separately = 831.327 and RSSE = sum of squared residuals on fitting a quadratic equations to the combined sample = 1010.062
Repeat step 2.) until RSSE [less than or equal to] [epsilon] or iteration number t > T.
For any [lambda] [greater than or equal to] 0, the sequence of RSSE values, defined by the Algorithm 1 converges.
Central European encephalitis and Russian spring-summer encephalitis (RSSE) viruses are TBE viruses prevalent in Eurasia (1).