RSSFRss Feed
RSSFRevolutionary Socialist Students' Federation (political organization)
RSSFRural Strategic Support Fund (UK)
RSSFRapid-Scanning Stopped-Flow
RSSFRail Safety Strategic Forum (Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator; Australia)
RSSFRemote Software Support Facility
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BREATHE LA along with Anthem Blue Cross welcomed RSSF Honorary Board Member Orianthi—recently ranked as #2 in Ultimate Guitar's “Top 15 Greatest Female Guitarists”—who made a special guest performance with an all-female band featuring students and alumnae from several School of Rock locations.
RSSF currently offers tuition assistance to qualifying students in more than 118 schools in 28 states nationwide.
The RSSF stream is constituted by the RSS feeds of several major online newspapers and press agencies.
m we compute the corresponding element of the RSSF equivalence matrix E [member of] [R.sup.mxm], whose elements [e.sub.ab] are defined as follows:
The RSSF had not achieved a great deal and the library managers decided there would be a greater chance of success by remaining separate.
He was recently relieved of his post as brigade commander of the PNP's Reactionary Standby Support Force (RSSF) for allegedly showing support to Duterte on Facebook.
The apex bank, he added, also established a N300 billion Real Sector Support Facility (RSSF) to unlock potentials in the economy and promote real sector growth.
Before he was assigned as executive officer of the Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development, Dela Rosa was the brigade commander of the Reactionary Standby Support Force (RSSF) but was relieved of his post after allegedly expressing support for Duterte in a Facebook post.
Thus, the guidelines for accessing the Real Sector Support Facility (RSSF) through Cash Reserve Requirements (CRR) and Corporate Bonds (CBs) was released recently by the CBN.
Prior to the May 9 elections, Dela Rosa was relieved as commander of the PNP's Reactionary Standby Support Force RSSF due to his alleged Facebook post, which was supposed to be pro-Duterte.
The new credit policy, called Guidelines for Accessing Real Sector Support Facility (RSSF) through Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Corporate Bonds, was released by the CBN on Thursday.