RSSILAReturned Sailors' and Soldiers' Imperial League of Australia (now RSL: Returned & Services League of Australia)
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Credit for the complete institutionalisation of the 'Day' in South Australia lies with the RSSILA, South Australian Branch and those politicians taking part in the parliamentary debates of the second session of the twenty-fourth parliament in Adelaide in December 1922.
(4) I presume that Moses' endnote 42, refers to Anzac Day 1924 because the letter from the general secretary of the RSSILA to the assistant secretary of the Queensland branch is dated 20 January 1925 and refers to 'Victoria last year,' then continues by describing events in Sydney, Hobart, and South Australia.
Clearly, the RSSILA had a rather different agenda from bodies like the Brisbane ADCC.
The RSSILA at its Congress in August 1921 was still of the view that the afternoon of the 25 April should be given over to sports and `jubilation' as it had been during the war at base camps.
(41) Strict uniformity of observance throughout all States was virtually impossible to achieve because of the local cultural idiosyncracies in each State and in particular because of the lack of a common resolve from within the ranks of the RSSILA itself.
The RSSILA may have helped to gain the desired uniformity had it been able to make up its mind between a composite of solemnity and jubilation on the one hand and a completely close sacred holiday on the other.
By 1929 both the RSSILA and the ADCC were in full accord on this matter, and the Chamber of Commerce had no objection provided one of the existing public holidays was repealed.
The national congress of the RSSILA had sent a memorandum to the prime minister expressing these views on 29 August 1921.
(42) That the RSSILA during the 1920s was still seeking to arrive at an appropriate form of commemoration is evidenced in the letter of the General Secretary to the Assistant Secretary of the Queensland Branch 30 January 1925: `From my knowledge of personal observance and also from reports that have been made to me, Queensland's method is certainly the best.