RSSSResearch School of Social Sciences (Australian National University)
RSSSRental and Sales Software Systems (Corpus Christi, TX)
RSSSRussian and Slavic Studies (various universities)
RSSSRemote Sensing Support Services (EPA program)
RSSSResident System Support Specialist (RS3)
RSSSRally Sport Super Sport
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the RSSS is not using charities or local authorities to target rough sleepers."
Or, cette politique ne fait pas mention de l'ergotherapie, en depit des demandes des parents et des enseignants, des iniquites en termes d'acces aux services et des obstacles a la collaboration et a la concertation lorsque ces services relevent du RSSS ou du secteur prive.
Construction of Siddeswaram weir will provide irrigation and drinking water for Southern Telangana and six districts of Andhra Pradesh and four districts of Rayalaseema region," RSSS president B Dasaratha Rami Reddy said while speaking to media.
Sikh communalists in the city of Lahore were not organized in comparison with the Hindu organized body of RSSS. Their main rivals in the city was not the MLNG but the lower middle class of Muslims, who were excited due charged due to the increasing amount of political vigilance carried out on them during the civil disobedience movement.
In our proposed system, the missed RSSs are bursting using the FFNN algorithm through iterative regression.
RSSS director Neil Denison said: "It means that the time taken for a key piece of evidence such as a fingerprint or footwear impression is identified much quicker than it was previously.
A sugestao principal para se formular e aplicar um plano de gerenciamento de RSSS dentro de um estabelecimento e o de diminuir os perigos para a saude da populacao atendida, resultantes do manejo de diferentes tipos de residuos produzidos, principalmente aqueles que possuem carater infeccioso ou por suas qualidades fisicas e/ou quimicas, apresentam um alto grau de periculosidade.
This recognition likely serves to localise the recombinase to target RSSs by active promoters and upregulate recombination thereat [64].
Rotary steering systems (RSSs) are configured so that the entire drill rotates continuously with steering capabilities.
This section reviews methods that estimate the Tx location using observations that consist of tuples ([p.sub.i], I[D.sub.i], [r.sub.i]), where [p.sub.i] is the reference location, I[D.sub.i] is the list of Tx identifiers, and [r.sub.i] is the vector of corresponding RSSs.
Our results indicate that the Recent Summary Scores (RSSS) of men and women are similar, with the exception of Psychiatric and Partner-Problems, where women showed higher severity (p = .017 and p = .013, respectively).