RSTKRobotnicze Stowarzyszenie Twórców Kultury (Polish: Association of Workers of Culture)
RSTKRigas Satiksmes Tenisa Kluba (Latvian: Rigas Road Tennis Club)
RSTKRunescape Tool Kit
RSTKRelay Servicing Tool Kit
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In AC Hime, Cd significantly upregulated the RSTK expression levels in stems at both sampling times.
The expression stabilities (M) of the genes, calculated with the geNorm, indicated that UCP1 and ACT3 were the most stable reference genes, followed by PP2A and ELF1B, with [H.sup.+]-ATPase, RSTK, ISCP, and UCP2 as the least stable genes (Figure 3).
[H.sup.+]-ATPase, RSTK, ISCP, and UCP2 were the least stable genes, which indicated that the expressions of these genes are regulated by Cd.
The RSTK family is involved in signal transduction pathways in plants and interacts with membrane receptor proteins.
(12) When RSTK, REPRICE, or SIX_&_ONE is the dependent variable, we estimate using Logit.