RSTVReconnaissance Surveillance Targeting Vehicle (USMC hybrid electric/gasoline combat vehicle)
RSTVReal-Time Synthetic Video (US DoD)
RSTVRide Safer Travel Vest (car seat)
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"We added a million subscribers in the last five and a half months (Between Feb 1, 2019, and July 15, 2019 RSTV got 9,99,854+ subscribers).
RSTV had hit the 2 million mark earlier this year on February 4, 2019.
RSTV had a subscriber base of 4,25,622 on August 10, 2017 when Naidu took over as the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
The RSTV is V-22 compatible and can fit inside a helicopter, but it did not compete in the ITV program, because the technology was not mature enough to meet the ITV schedule.
Nonetheless, the cancellation of the light truck program may now revive the Marines' interest in the RSTV, said Raymond Shaw, director of business development at General Dynamics.
In addition to its fashion arm, the company is comprised of a management/promotion company (Rush Street Team); a movie production branch (Def Pictures); a television development branch (RSTV); and the company Website,, which merged with in 2001.
The reason why the RSTV is not competing has to do with the Marine Corps' desire to buy off-the-shelf vehicles, said Raymond Shaw, GDLS director of business development for engineering and design.
When the procurement strategy changed last year to "non-developmental items," that eliminated the RSTV from the competition, said Shaw in an interview, "ITV required an already-developed chassis, which the RSTV was not."