RSUPPLYRelational Supply Optimized
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RSupply is a real-time interface into the Defense Automated Addressing System for status processing (both incoming and outgoing) and requisition submission.
Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR): FIAR Segment Updates Segment Update Military Standard The Relational/Supply (RSupply) system is Requisitioning and Issue undergoing a Federal Information System Procedures (MILSTRIP) Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM) certification review.
Stock control operates just like a carrier stock control division, executing surface and aviation funds, maintaining the ship's RSUPPLY H database, administering credit cards, etc.
3) Expand common requisitioning process with IT interfaces--Much like the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System automatically interfaces aviation requirements to the ship's Relational Supply (RSUPPLY) system, the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps, the Marine's ground logistics IT system, should also interface consumable requirements directly to RSUPPPLY.
FMO and Inventory NAVSUP are hosting Defense Connect Online sessions to review the detailed guidebooks by systems (RSupply, Navy ERP Warehouse Management, and Commercial Asset Visibility--Organic Repairables Module) in February 2014.
RSUPPLY, DSS, and GATES) create our transactions of interest; event management will capture each transaction for an end-to-end view of the Supply Chain and model with Event Timelines (Figure 2).
The courses instructed after a very far reach; NSCS offers an international course for our foreign allies; BQC-NR for our Reserve component community; Joint Aviation Supply Maintenance Management (JASMM); RSupply; and the Advanced Management Program (AMP) are taught here.
Applications include Relational Supply (RSupply), Relational Administrative Data Management (R ADM), Organizational Maintenance Management System Next Generation (OMMS NG), Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity (OOMA), and Optimized Intermediate Maintenance Activity (OIMA).
Especially noteworthy is the way they use the RSupply nomenclature field to identify items with specific information such as QUP (Quantity Unit Pack), Never Out, seasonal, etc., which allows for expeditious determination of reorder quantity requirements."
Miller, USN (Gold Star in lieu of Fourth Award), RSupply Functional Area Supervisor, USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), January to June 2003.
The information used by MFCS is all transactional level data provided by the logistics systems UADPS, SUADPS and RSupply (Relational Supply).
Working with ATG to bring out Rsupply, FMS, ROM II, OMMS-NG and HAZMAT (9595) training for ships.