RSVCReactive Supply and Voltage Control (energy)
RSVCRio Salado Vizsla Club (Pine, AZ)
RSVCRight-Sided Superior Vena Cava (cardiology)
RSVCReceptor-Steroid Variable Complex
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In most patients with left SVC, RSVC is present (bilateral SVC) and drains into the RA via a dilated CS.
PLSVC with absent RSVC is a rare congenital anomaly that can complicate the implantation of the permanent pacemaker lead.
The right cardinal vein is transformed into RSVC, the left cardinal vein into LSVC, and the left part of the sinus venosus into the coronary sinus.
A resumption of the procedure on the right would be a failure if there was as in the clinical case absence of the RSVC.
In 80% of cases, there is RSVC and in 35% of cases, the innominate vein is present.
RSVC operated the mine from 1927 to the end of World War II in 1945.