RSWARivanna Solid Waste Authority (Virginia)
RSWARoyal Society of Western Australia (Kings Park, Western Australia, Australia)
RSWARegional Solid Waste Association (California)
RSWARegional Stroke Work Area
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Clonazepam modulates motor behaviors and dreaming but does not reduce RSWA. Adverse effects include sexual dysfunction, sedation, and imbalance.
While comparisons were made against both the desktop microscope and values obtained through destructive analysis, we quantified the correlation of the RSWA measurements to the desktop microscope results, as they are deemed the more reliable reference values.
Then the same samples were measured with RSWA (Fig.
Figure 9 demonstrates correlation between the desktop acoustic microscope and RSWA. From Fig.
A third means of evaluating the performance of the RSWA involves comparing its fitting algorithms using reference results.
It requires the combination of clinical characteristics (either by history or by abnormal REM sleep behaviors captured during video monitoring) and the presence of RSWA during video-polysomnography (vPSG).
RSWA was scored according to a previously published method:[sup][12] each 20 s REM sleep epoch was scored as tonic depending on the presence of chin EMG activity for more than 50% of each epoch, with an amplitude of at least twice that of background activity or >10 [micro]V.
Only a few studies have evaluated the difference in RSWA between MSA and PD.
It has demonstrated that lesions in the sublaterodorsal nucleus (SLD) cause RSWA. The proposed pathophysiology of RBD in humans suggested by Boeve et al .[sup][18] included lesions in the SLD and altered locomotor drive.
RBD was diagnosed based on the International Classification of Sleep Disorders , 3[sup]rd Edition (ICSD-3):[sup][25] The presence of RSWA on overnight PSG and either sleep-related injurious, potentially injurious, or disruptive behaviors by history, and/or abnormal REM sleep behavior documented during PSG monitoring.