RSZRijksdienst Voor Sociale Zekerheid (Belgium National Social Security Office)
RSZRadio Society of Zambia (Kitwe, Zambia)
RSZRailway Systems of Zambia Ltd. (Kabwe, Zambia)
RSZRe-Scaled Sum of Z-Scores
RSZRanotsara Shear Zone (geology)
RSZReplication Slow Zone (biological chemistry)
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The western domain is dominated by the 60-70-degree east-dipping RSZ corridor, which comprises mid-greenschist to mid-amphibolite facies mafic, felsicintermediate and sedimentary rocks.
However, the different filing protocols influenced the area of dentin removal in the crown and root in the safety zone (RSZ).
Medi an values obtained after anticurvature filing protocols (SF, straight access filing; CF, conservative filing) related to the thickness (mm) of the root dentin remaining in the safety zone (RSZ) and danger zone (RDZ) and the areas (mm2) of dentin removal in the root (DRR) and in the crown (DRC).
f(z) = z + [z.sup.n+1]/[mu]v [[integral].sup.1.sub.0] [[integral].sup.1.sub.0] g(rsz)[r.sup.n+1/[mu]-1] [s.sup.n+1/v-1] drds.
f(z) = z + [z.sup.2] (1/v [[integral].sup.1.sub.0] [[integral].sup.1.sub.0] g(rsz)[rs.sup.1/v]drds) (3.18)
RSZ controls for the relative size of the offering and can capture various wealth effects.
RSZ reiterate demands for convening a Great General Assembly to prepare a new Constitution.