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RScPReligious Science Practitioner
RScPReceived Signal Code Power
RScPRural Social Community Programme (UK)
RScPRoad Safety Camera Partnership (various locations)
RScPRehosted Simulation Control Program
RScPResale Service Change Prohibited (local telephone service)
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Informations such as RSCP, Tx power, pathloss, SIR, traffic load, etc were obtained and recorded for both intra and inter calls on a research's designed form.
We also offer a measure that is equivalent to the physical measure in the RSCP model by employing the discrete-time Esscher transform method in order to provide a closed-form solution for weather-induced CAT reinsurance premiums for practitioners and to compare pricing errors with previous pricing models.
Whereas RSRP and the RSCP, indicate the level of attenuation undergone by the signal of a user with respect to the channel used.
From Fig 9, the strength of PCCPCH RSCP is greater than the threshold value.
We discuss their variations on the number of radial nodes, the RPV P, and the RSCP parameter b (positive and negative) when c [not equal to] 0 in Section 4.
The value of signal strength (RSCP) is noted for each point and an average value of the signal is calculated for each floor.
They collect the real measurement data including RSCP and the position of UE in a supermarket.
Antriniai parametrai: RSSI--priimto signalo stiprumo rodiklis priklausomas nuo RSCP ir Ec/No; BLER--klaidingu transporto kanalo bloku rodiklis priklauso nuo SIR ir nustatomas vertinant kiekvieno bloko CRC; UE Tx galia --vartotojo irangos (UE) spinduliuojama galia nusako maksimalia leidziamaja isejimo galia ir priklauso nuo CQI.
Para modelar el desvanecimiento lento (Shadowing) en las simulaciones de propagacion, es necesario conocer la desviacion estandar de las variaciones lentas alrededor del promedio del RSCP [15].
Further, a Treaty of Waitangi Commission should be established "to give consistent attention to the implications of the Treaty for the full range of social and economic policies" (RSCP 1988 II:78).
Each RSCP develops an annual business plan agreed with the members, identifying its goals and core objectives.