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RSPECRequest Specification
RSPECReduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs (program; US Department of Energy)
RSPECRequirement Specification
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The HLG 550 V1 was a major step toward achieving that objective and things are progressing nicely, especially with the latest HLG Rspec series.
He continued, "Everyone was waiting for the release of the Rspec, it was much hyped and it has certainly lived up to all that attention.
"Rod Mollise replies: While both AAVSO and ALPO would likely have interest in the spectroscopic data you collect, a good place to begin when figuring out what to do with your data once you become adept at getting it, is the RSpec website,, and the associated mailing list for RSpec.
As you may have guessed from its name, RSpec is concerned with spectroscopy.
S&T Contributing Editor Tom Field's RSpec changes all that, making spectroscopy affordable and easy.
Tutorials, reference material, integration and extension tips, and more are offered in this guide and exploration of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) tools used by Ruby developers, such as RSpec and Cucumber.
Several of our fellow members in the Cepheids Astronomy Facebook group, as well as the RSpec Yahoo!
I first met Piper at that very AAS conference when she came to my RSpec booth to introduce herself--was excited to see a high-school student doing such advanced work.
S&T contributing editor Tom Field is the author of the popular RSpec spectroscopy software package and confesses to being a spectroscopy evangelist.
Tom Field of Field Tested Software is the developer of the real-time spectroscopy program RSpec. He enjoys giving talks over the web and has spoken to dozens of astronomy clubs and science classrooms around the world.
RSpec software makes it easy to analyze spectra recorded with a variety of cameras, including video images captured in real time.