RT1Major Histocompatibility Complex of the Rat
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With the renewal, Region 3 will reportedly use RT1 to help it develop and coordinate a network of providers of clinical genetic services to improve access to affected individuals and their families in the southeastern US.
Results: Abnormally high (more than two standard deviations above the mean) value of the RT1 had a 89% specificity for VT in MI patients.
Roberts has recently released its Revival Models which are technically updated versions of the originals and virtually identical to the classic RT1. But they cost much more.
RT1 is the ex post real interest rate computed as: RT1 = ((TSY1 - INF)/ (1+INF))*100, with variables in decimal form.
The notes will be structured to qualify as RT1 capital under Solvency II and as such do not have a coupon step-up feature at any call/reset dates.
Two-way trafficking between donor and recipient BM compartments was confirmed by presence of recipient MHC class I cells (RT1 cells) within the allografted bone up to three weeks posttransplant.
Based on the RT1, part of Lithonia's RTLED line, the new volumetric luminaires were created in two sizes: 2-ft by 2-ft and 1-ft by 4-ft.
In addition to all this, the company has also had personnel posted to Singapore to carry out vital commissioning work on the RT1 rock trencher - the largest remote-controlled sub-sea trenching and pipe-laying vehicle in the world.
Components C4, L1, C7 and C11 provide EMI filtering while thermistor RT1 limits the inrush to the storage capacitors when AC is applied.
Restricted Tier 1 (RT1) notes issued by RSA Insurance Group plc (SEK2,500 million, DKK650 million) have been affirmed at 'BB+'.
The Bank of Lithuania, the central bank of the country, has selected SIA to access RT1, the pan-European instant payments infrastructure that is operative as of 21 November, the company said.
The Bank of Lithuania, the nation's Central Bank, has said that it has chosen SIA to access RT1, the pan-European instant payments infrastructure, which is operative as of November 21.