RT2Response Times to T2
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Observou-se que, nas caracteristicas ligadas a Motivacao, houve niveis significativos de melhoria em todos os quesitos quando comparados os tempos AFM e RT, e AFM e RT2. Desta forma, encontrou-se diferenca significativa entre o escore total para Motivacao encontrado entre a primeira entrevista e a ultima entrevista, 60 dias apos o inicio e pratica do Programa Face 2 Face.
Therefore, with difficulty of the single visual task and the single auditory task being equivalent when they are separately performed, we expected different sizes of the interresponse interval (IRI = RT2 - RT1), depending on the order of the visual and the auditory tasks, when the two tasks are paired with short SOAs.
A coleta das amostras em cada area de estudo foi realizada em marco de 2010, por meio da abertura de trincheiras nas entrelinhas dos plantios da RT1 e RT2 e nas suas respectivas testemunhas: CN1 e CN2 (areas de campo natural adjacentes).
In the spring tillers from mixedgrass prairie had significantly fewer buds than those from tallgrass prairie and 2 y old tillers (RT2) had significantly fewer buds than 1 y old tillers ([RT.sub.1]; Fig.
Retrotraducao: A partir da sintese do questionario, foram feitas duas retrotraducoes (RT1 e RT2), por dois retrotradutores, os quais eram especialistas da lingua do pais do instrumento original e trabalharam com a versao unica (T12) construida pelas duas traducoes, sem conhecer o instrumento original.
It is very obvious that RT1, RT2, RT3, RT4, RT5, RT6, RT7, RT8, RT9, RT10, and RT11 are closely located and can be merged (see Figure 1).
Though the formula is familiar, Rt2 from GMM does not have precisely the same properties as [R.sup.2] in OLS and is presented only as a general indicator of the model's fit.
After that, extracted RNA was reverse-transcribed into cDNA using RT2 First Strand Kit (Qiagen) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
The British Aluminium Plant at Invergordon closed after two years; AAM on Anglesey closed in 2009 and the Alcan plant at Lynemouth (then owned by RT2) closed in 2013.
Histopathologic characteristics (N = 42) Variable n (% *) T category T1 1 (2.4) T2 2 (4.9) T3 6 (14.6) T4 25 (61.0) rT1 1 (2.4) rT2 2 (4.9) rT3 3 (7.3) rT4 1 (2.4) N/A 1 SCC differentiation (n = 40 ([dagger])) Well 4 (10.0) Moderately 26 (65.0) Poorly 7 (17.5) Unknown 3 (7.5) * Percentages are based on the total number of patients for whom data were available.
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