RTAFBRoyal Thai Air Force Base
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(14) The 602nd SOS, which had previously shifted from Bien Hoa to Nha Trang, SVN, also moved in late 1966 to Udorn RTAFB, and then in 1968 to NKP.
With the 1st SOS unable to meet basic daily SAR alert and CIA CAS fragment requirements, the USAF deployed two temporary duty squadrons of A-7s, the recently acquired USAF jet attack aircraft thought most closely suited to perform A-1 missions, to Korat RTAFB, Thailand.
The next day, F-111A fighter-bombers from the 347th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) and F-4Ds of the 388 TFW based at Korat RTAFB located the Mayaguez which was being escorted toward mainland Cambodia by four enemy gunboats.
These helicopters began airlifting the 127 Marines of the second wave from U Tapao RTAFB around 0900.
The DC-3s that set a youngster on his career path have since been relocated from Don Muang RTAFB. But as luck would have it, they are now located at Phitsanulok RTAFB, which is where the flying portion of the MAFFS training took place.
In September 1966, the 8 TFW and American airmen at Ubon RTAFB were short on flying and dogfighting skills and seemed to lack any purpose.
This called for the "West Force" of seven flights of 8 TFW F-4Cs departing from Ubon RTAFB and four flights from the 366 TFW, Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, or the "East Force," attacking in a different direction to confuse the enemy.
Inclement weather and poor visibility over Ubon RTAFB and the target delayed the takeoff but, as it began to clear, Olds gave the order to launch.
The B-52s were also preceded and followed by F-111s from Takhli, RTAFB, Thailand, and A-6s off of the aircraft carriers.
However, while passing Udorn RTAFB, Thailand a fire in the left wing became worse and the aircraft began to come apart.
The experiences of the aircrews in the F-105-equipped 388th Tactical Fighter Wing at Korat RTAFB illustrate how the counter/ non-counter policy affected them, their relationship with their commander, and some of the ways in which they coped.
The Rivet Top Task Force, designated Detachment 2 of the Tactical Air Warfare Center, arrived at Udorn RTAFB with their EC-121K on August 9, 1967.