RTAGRotary to Airline Group (transitioning)
RTAGRequirements Technical Assessment Group (Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid)
RTAGRegulatory Technical Advisory Group (consulting organization; Washington)
RTAGRules Tag
RTAGRegional Travel Assistance Grant (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations; Australia)
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Meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Technical Advisory Group (RTAG) on Immunization.
(1) We used an RTAG network multithreshold refinement action classification boundary to meet the requirements for different levels of precision, and we used a deep learning web framework to improve accuracy.
The meeting aimed at discussing the technical proceedings and framework of the Immunization RTAG, as well as addressing the national and regional progress, achievements and constraints in EPI (routine immunization and Vaccine Preventable Diseases control, elimination and control goals).
In order to examine how the utility of one such solution played out in a classroom setting, Burleson teamed up with researchers from Arizona State University and Carleton University to study the implementation of a tangible learning environment that utilizes teachable agent framing coupled with a physical robotic agent--Robo-Tangible Activities for Geometry (rTAG).
(15.) In Tibetan, 'di phyogs su yang dge lugs kyi bstan pa dar tshul/ dgong ba'i sbyin bdag sus byas yong snyam thugs dam brtags pa mdzad gin 'byon pas/ de dus jo bo rus pa mkhar pa gra rgyas che dus kho pa rje 'bangs dpon g.yog 'khor bcas lto za chang 'thung byed pa'i gral du sgrub thob kyi 'byon nas rten 'brel gyi chos nyid rtags phyir du/ rnal 'byor pa bdag la chang gcig dgos zhes ka pa li bzed pas kho pa rnams kyi sprang po rnal 'byor pa ga nas yin mi shes pa'i mi thod 'khyer ba de tshur ma yong phar song zer nas phyir 'bud byas [de ru]rten 'brel ma 'grig par/ de nas ber mkhar du 'byon pas (Me rag mdzad rnam, 2012: 2b-3b)
Sba bzhed zhabs rtag ma (version 2)--Dharamsala publication (pp.
pa'i gnas/ nges pa lnga ldan stugs (9) po bkod pa'i zhing/ gnas yul dur khrod/ rgya gar rgya nag li dang bal yul bod dang bod chen po glo bo sa longs dkar po gnas chen gangs brag mtsho gsum la sogs pa [lags/dus phun sum tshogs pa] sgron me'i bskal pa bzang po'i sangs rgyas stong rtsa gnyis byon pa'i dus/ ston mchog shakya'i rgyal po'i sgrub 'bras lung gsum gyi bstan pa lnga brgya pa phrag gsum dang rtags (10) tsam 'dzin pa'i bstan pa lnga brgya phrag gcig ste/ bstan pa lnga brgya pa phrag bcu gnas pa las 'dul ba'i lung gi dus lags/ ston pa phun sum tshogs pa 'das dang ma 'ongs da ltar dus gsum gyi ston pa sangs rgyas chos longs sprul gsum gyi bdag nyid can rnams dang/ bstan 'dzin skyes bu dam pa rgya gar gyi pan grub/ bod kyi
Rab gnas kyi cho ga 'gro phan rgyas byed kyi lhan thabs, Collected Works of Taranatah from blocks preserved at Rtag brtan phun tshogs gling.
The verb tables that form part of the concluding remarks of Gser tog pa V Blo bzang tshul khrims rgya mtsho's (1845-1915) study of indigenous Tibetan grammar (1891) omit rnyed, but do have an entry for the uninflecting brnyes; see Bod kyi brda['] sprod pa sum cu pa dang rtags kyi [jug pa'i mchan 'grel mdor bsdus te brjod pa ngo mtshar 'phrul gyi lde mig (Beijing: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1957), 203.
* Fourth, the signs of attainment (miracles) at ordinary occasions (thun mong gnas skabs kyi grub rtags dang bzhi/).
(f.3a line 1): "He was born at rTag (spelled so) lung dgon pa on an auspicious day and month of earth female pig 1239".