RTAMRemote Terminal Access Method
RTAMRetired Teachers Association of Manitoba (Canada)
RTAMRemote Teleprocessing Access Method (IBM)
RTAMReset Transfer Alignment Message
RTAMRelativistic Theory of Atoms and Molecules (publication)
RTAMRange and Training Area Management
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According to the company, this latest version of RTAM helps identify time-saving opportunities by uncovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies in agent desktop activities.
In addition, the total mesophilic aerobe count (RTAM), the most probable number of coliform, total (NMPCT) and fecal (NMPCF), were performed, together with a physico-chemical analysis which included pH, water activity ([a.sub.w]), acidity, chlorides and humidity.
La preparacion de las 100 muestras de queso para los analisis microbiologicos se realizo de acuerdo a la metodologia descrita en la Norma COVENIN N 1126-89, evaluandose los siguientes indicadores de calidad: Recuento Total de Aerobios Mesofilos (RTAM): segun Norma COVENIN N 902-87 [27]; Numero Mas Probable de Conformes Totales (NMPCT) y Fecales (NMPCF), segun Norma COVENIN N 1104-84 [26]; Humedad segun metodo N 948.12 de la AOAC [3]; Acidez titulable segun metodo N 920.124 de la AOAC [3]; pH, usando un potenciometro marca Fisher, modelo 325, segun metodo de Kasikowsky [19]; [a.sub.w], utilizando un equipo CX-1 de Decagon Devices Inc.
Los datos correspondientes a RTAM, NMPCF y NMPCF fueron transformados a logaritmos.
Abu Masood Uqbah bin Amir al-Ansari al-Badri (rtam) reported that the Prophet (sa) said: "Among the things that people have found from the words of the previous prophets was: 'If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.'" (Bukhari)
According to Amr ibn Shuayb (rtam), the Prophet (sa) said: "Command your children to pray, when they are seven years old, and beat them for (not offering) it when they are ten, and separate them in beds." (Abu Dawood).
The wife of Abdullah ibn Masud (rtam) used to meet her expenses by manufacturing and selling handicrafts.
Ibn Jaz states: "I have not seen anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah (sa)." (Tirmidhi) Jarir bin Abdullah (rtam) says regarding the Prophet (sa): "Whenever he saw me, he would receive me with a smile." (Bukhari) Even though he was a prophet of Allah (swt), and had a lofty status among his people, he never considered it beneath himself to appear cheerful or to express his pleasure with a smile at the small things in life.
At this, Khalid bin Saeed (rtam), who was shocked at her directness, said: "Abu Bakr (rtam), why do you not stop this woman from saying such things openly before Allah's Messenger (sa)?" Instead of feeling offended or embarrassed, the Prophet (sa) merely smiled at the woman and said: "Perhaps you want to return to Rifa'ah?
However, when Umar (rtam) learned of this, he rebuked his daughter and the Prophet's (rtam) wife Hafsa (rtaf), admonishing her to fear Allah (swt).
Abu Hurairah (rtam) reported that sins place a black dot on the sinner's heart.
The story of Bilal Ibn Rabah (rtam) and Ummul-Mumineen Khadijah's (rtaf) unconditional support to Prophet (sa) continue to inspire and give strength.