RTARRatio of Tissue-Air Ratio (algorithm; radiology)
RTARReal-Time Activation Request
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Of Grains of Sand's three parts, the first shows Gush Katif's largest town = N'vei Dekalim in its 'Golden Era' before Arab terrorism even began - follow= ed by a section on how the family deals with the day-to-day terrorism of mo= rtar shelling and roadside attacks.
One of the requirements is that the main office, brick and mo rtar, be here in Hawaii, so we're not leaving."
Concurrent with publication of this article, a research topic acceptance request (RTAR) is being processed through proper ASHRAE channels, proposing ASHRAE research on this topic.
1 (h)im * bim bud-id 2 (h)id * bid hud-id 3 (h)an ban (11) bud-en(d) The copula is incorporated in the perfect tenses ([section]3.7.3) and in the subjunctive forms of 'to know': (YT) gunega zun ban keji ke az hame yel ha delda rtar o pahlevuntar bu, kiu ('they wished to know who was the most courageous and athletic among them all').