RTDSReal-Time Data Services (Sybase)
RTDSReal Time Data Services
RTDSReal-Time Data System
RTDSReal-Time Display System
RTDSReal-Time Disk (operating) System
RTDSReutilization, Transfer, Donation, or Sale (US Government, solid waste)
RTDSRange Track Display System
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The Californian grocery sensation's RTDs - with 20g of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals - were first available via Amazon before making their way this April to WH Smith.
OSENSA's technology is transforming the temperature sensor industry by enabling industrial-grade fiber optic solutions that are price-competitive with conventional wired thermocouples and RTDs (resistive thermal devices).
Who are the consumers snapping up RTDs? The answer, according to the suppliers and producers, is broad appeal with niche products.
"The consumer wants these and all RTDs at a bargain price.
Depending on materials and construction, RTDs can be the most accurate sensors for HVAC applications and also offer the best long-term stability.
He continues: "It is crucial that these companies understand the Atex harmonised standards, and which supplier equipment is properly certified for the selected hazardous area and protection concept that they have selected, otherwise safety of installations cannot be guaranteed." According to Chant, companies that use temperature measurement products such as thermocouples and RTDs installed in potentially explosive atmospheres need to ensure that the sensor assembly (sensor, enclosure and terminal glands) actually meets the overall area classification requirements for each specific installation.
Ensuring that this standby power source is available can depend on small but powerful Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs).
Pickering Interfaces introduced its Model 40-262 high accuracy resistance temperature detector simulator that is an 18-channel variable resistor module designed to simulate the operation of PT100 and PT1000 RTDs with resolution and accuracy in the PXI form factor.
E Instruments has launched the MicroCal T1100 high-accuracy temperature calibrator to keep thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and other sensors compliant with ISO 9000 standards.