RTEAMReal Time Environmental and Agricultural Monitoring
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I did my job and am now fully dedicated to rTeam and a brand activation agency by the name of Interaction Matters.
She worked for the agency for 20 years and subsequently launched rteam based on her outstanding presentation, communication and cross-cultural team management skills.
As a result, around 1000 of such structures are generated from a typical game:</p> <pre> role [right arrow] action: {[(action_start, duration).sup.+]} LTeam.Goalkeeper [right arrow] catch: {(412, 1), (501, 1), (3192,1)} LTeam.Forward [right arrow] pass: {(1412, 5), (3401, 12), (4012,10), (5573,7)} RTeam.Defender [right arrow] speed_dribble: {(1607,16), (2372,9), (5400,12), (5521,22)} RTeam.Midfielder [right arrow] intercept: {(392, 4), (4509, 9), (5900, 8)} </pre> <p>A list of subsequent actions with corresponding symbolic description represents a strategy, i.e.
ball:Penalty-box [conjunction] ball:Right-half [conjunction] ball:Fast [conjunction] LTeam.C-MF:Has-ball [conjunction] LTeam.R-FW:Moving-away [conjunction] LTeam.R-FW:Medium-dist [conjunction] RTeam.R-FB:Back [conjunction] RTeam.C-FB:Back [conjunction] RTeam.L-FB:Back.