rtERRainbow Trout Estrogen Receptor (endocrinology)
rtERRural Tourism European Route
rtERReal Total Expense Ratio (banking)
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In this study, each one of all rotation values RTER, RTIR, LTER, and LTIR is divided into three types as Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.
Nearly one third were from the Central and Eastern European region, including the Baltic states, one qua rter from South-Eastern Europe and the rest from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
A simple comparison of London West's property values with those from London's Ward Three, which lay in the southeastern qua rter of the city, indicates the propensity of London West to attract inhabitants of moderate means.
Once an expo rter receives from the State Department a commercial license authorization to sell--valid for four years--there is no current requirement that the exporter provide to the State Department, on a systematic and ongoing basis, comprehensive details regarding any sales contract that results from the license approval, including if any such contract is reduced in scope or cancelled.
Moreover, because most platform technology companies aim to sell services or products to other labs, time horizons are much sho rter before the firm begins to generate income flows, and there are usually no significant regulatory approval costs and subsequent delays.
Schrempp in the early nineties after he had terminated about a qua rter of Daimler's workforce.
Although the DHHS announced in July 1988 that it intended to reconstitute an EAB and published for public comment a proposed charter in September 1988, a final cha rter has not yet been adopted.
The variable ersr is the nominal average interest rate yield on 91-day government bills (expressed as a percent per annum) in each qua rter minus the expected inflation rate (P) in that quarter.
Currency dealers took the view that a second interest rate cut can no longer be taken for granted - although the CBI's director general, Mr Adair Turner, suggested that the committee might make future cuts in haloint slices, rather than repeating the qua rter per cent move earlier this month.
In this case, SuperProfit Foods experienced declines during the past qua rter and year.
The top five states in terms of employment growth for the first qua rter of 1992 through the end of the year are projected to be Nevada, Kansas, Iowa, Arizona and Minnesota.