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RTFMRead The Friendly Manual (polite form)
RTFMRead the Fine Manual
RTFMRealtime Traffic Flow Measurement (Internet RFCs 2720-2724)
RTFMRead The Freaking Manual (polite form)
RTFMRead The Flaming Manual
RTFMRead The Fantastic Manual
RTFMRead The Flipping Manual
RTFMRead the Fabulous Manual
RTFMRead the Frigging Manual
RTFMRead The Fscking Manual (Fsck is a Unix filesystem checker)
RTFMReal-Time Flow Management
RTFMRead The Forgotten Manual
RTFMRead The Fine Material
RTFMRepeat the First Message
RTFMRead the Famous Manual (polite form)
RTFMRoom-Temperature Ferromagnetism
RTFMRead the Factory Manual
RTFMRead This For More
RTFMRead The Furnished Manual
RTFMRead the Field Manual
RTFMRead The FAQ 'n Manual
RTFMRead the Fortran manual
RTFMRight This Freaking Minute (polite form)
RTFMReboot the Freaking Machine (polite form)
RTFMRefer to Factory Manual (engineering drawings)
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As shown in Figure 2, the RTFM architecture prescribes a set of "traffic meters" located around the network (most likely at routers) capable of observing flows of packets that pass through the meter.
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Some of the shorthand is amusing: RTM for "Read the Manual" (a good one for technical writers) or often RTFM (translation unneeded