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RTFORenewable Transport Fuel Obligation (UK)
RTFORolling Thin Film Oven
RTFORock The Freak Out (polite form)
RTFORead the Freaking Output (polite form)
RTFORight the Freak On (polite form)
RTFORemember The Forgotten Ones
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Despues de tener resultados de un asfalto convencional y modificado con lignina, se presenta como afecta el estado de oxidacion al asfalto en su estado original y modificado con lignina a partir del ensayo RTFO.
Elastic recovery for polymer modified bitumen Elastic recovery Elastic recovery after Binders at 25[degrees]C RTFO at 25[degrees]C [%] PmB 25/55-60_1 67.
Para evaluar el efecto del envejecimiento en el RTFO del cemento asfaltico 80-100 en el comportamiento dinamico de mezclas asfalticas tipo MDC-2, se realizo un diseno de mezclas tipo Marshall de referencia, junto con la elaboracion de muestras resultado del diseno.
AC-30 SBR (A) Viscosidad DSR a 60 2854 [+ 4312 [+ [grados]C (poise) o -] 37 o -] 2 Creep Deformacion 26 312 15 777 a 250 ciclos (70 [grados]C) (%) G*/sen [delta] 0,892 1 1,4209 [mayor que o igual a] 1 kPa (70 [grados]C) Clasificacion G*/sen 64 70 [delta] [mayor que o [flecha [flecha o igual a] 1 kPa superior] diestra] G* x sen [delta] [menor 4,1426 4,603 8 que o igual a] 5 Mpa (22[grados]C) Clasificacion G* x sen 22 22 [delta][menor que igual a] 5 MPa Recuperacion elastica (%) Original 5 min - 22,2 [+ o -] 0,6 60 min - 31,3 [+ o -] 0,8 RTFO 5 min - 25 [+ o -] 1 60 min - 37,50 [+ o -] 0,01] MSCR [EXPRESION - 0,32 MATEMATICA IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] Jnr, 3.
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Asked about the start date for the RTFO, Prof Watson added: "I would suggest that we would indeed wait until the review is completed.
The RTFO demands that 5% of all fuel sold on forecourts comes from renewable sources from 2010.
eff%] plant type NJ 6%w B(1) Batch Original(2) 96 RTFO 82.
The RTFO is modelled on the existing Renewables Obligation in the UK electricity supply industry.
To get meaningful carbon savings, biofuels must be in a position to make up more than 5% of the blend at the pump, the current target for 2010 under the RTFO.
The RTFO - the rate at which biofuels must be introduced to UK road fuel overall - will rise to 5% next April, meanwhile the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) sets a target of 10% renewable energy in transport fuels by 2020.
Today, a year after RTFO was introduced, the amount of biofuels required in fuels rises from 2.