RTFOTRolling Thin Film Oven Test
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The most significant modification of the TFOT was the RTFOT, developed by the California Division of Highway [109], where eight glass bottles each containing 35 gm of asphalt are aged by applying heat and oxidation on thin films of 1.25 mm.
Retained penetration at 25[degrees]C after RTFOT (according to EN 1426) and mass change after RTFOT (according to EN 12607-1) were determined for samples heated in rolling thin oven and compared for those of fresh bitumen.
Short-term aging was evaluated, and the aging index was defined as in (3), with P being the complex modulus before and after RTFOT. Since the rheological properties were evaluated in a frequency sweep test performed at 60[degrees]C, AI is reported as a function of frequency (Figure 2) and both silicates seem to positively affect the aging resistance, with the OMMT being slightly better than MMT.
Short term laboratory aging of the base bitumens and Elvaloy PMBs was performed using the Rolling Thin Film Oven Tests (RTFOT) according to ASTM D 2872.
Although the basalt and PG64-22 system with PAV and RTFOT aging has lower fatigue lives at high stress amplitude, as shown in Figure 7(a), all the absolute fatigue lives are very small (less than 10 times).
Para evaluar el efecto del envejecimiento a corto plazo, de acuerdo con la especificacion ASTM D-2872, sobre las propiedades reologicas de los CA, fueron ejecutados ensayos en un horno rotatorio de pelicula delgada (RTFOT por sus siglas en ingles).
TABLE 1: Properties of base binder [G.sup.*] Test properties Value Standard test Viscosity at 135[degrees]C (Pas) 0.65 ASTM D4402 [G.sup.*]/sin [delta] at 64[degrees]C (kPa) 1.35 ASTM D4-P246 Ductility at 25[degrees]C >100 ASTM D113 Softening point at 25[degrees]C 47 ASTM D36 Penetration at 25[degrees]C 88 ASTM D5 Flash point ([degrees]C) 300 ASTM D9 Fire point [degrees]C 317 ASTM D9 RTFOT aged [G.sup.*]/sin [delta] at 6.022 ASTM D2872 64[degrees]C (kPa) PAV aged [G.sup.*] sin [delta] at 3122.5 ASTM D6521 25[degrees]C (kPa) TABLE 2: Chemical composition of bitumen (%)(Standard IP 469).
Accelerated thermo-oxidative aging of base BIT and PMBs was performed using the Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTFOT), according to ASTM D 2872.