RTFPRegional Trade Facilitation Programme (South Africa)
RTFPRead The Fine Print
RTFPReal-Time Flight Planner (software; Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)
RTFPRegional Trade Facilitation Project (World Bank)
RTFPRead The Freaking Problem (alternate form of RTFQ)
RTFPRead The Freaking Prompt
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I know this from the thousands of coverage and claim questions I've received over the past 30 years that began with, "Does 'a' homeowners policy cover..." or "Does 'a' BOP policy cover...." You must 'RTFP!' and not generalize.
RTFP = [ln(Y.sub.G./Y.sub.U)] - [Alpha.l.n(L.sub.G/L.sub.U) +
so that RTFP measures the residual relative labour productivity when account is taken of differences in capital intensity in the two countries The average value of [alpha] in 1987 was 0.75.
You'll learn why insurance is not a commodity, why coverage folklore is not fact, and why the most critical interpretive doctrine is something called "RTFP!" Revealed, perhaps for the first time, are the sole purpose of insurance, the industry's "one thing" and the answer to the question, "What's so funny?" We will investigate things like "weasel words" and discover the extraordinary power behind Latin phrases like "noscitur a sociis" and "ejusdem generis."