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RTFSRainbow Trout Fry Syndrome
RTFSReal-Time Financial Services
RTFSReal Time File System
RTFSRomanian Translators for Free Software
RTFSReturn To Flying Status (US DoD)
RTFSRead the Freaking Source/Spec
RTFSRead the Freaking Syllabus! (University of Oregon)
RTFSRead The Freakin' Screen (polite form)
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RTFS has been a major problem for the rainbow trout industry for decades.
65, which created a ROW Task force (RTF) for each of the projects be-ing implemented, with the Director of the Public-Private Partnership Service, concerned Regional Directors as well as Unified Project Management Office (UPMO) Project Directors as heads, significant progress in ROW acquisition of certain big ticket projects included in the 'Build, Build, Build' Program can be seen," Villar noted.
For the 2017 season of RTFS, the Florida Sportsman community once again provided me with such an amazing opportunity to experience the best of Florida ...
Now, however, Krensavage Asset Management has called into question Selquist's ties with board members that the hedge fund believes have hindered RTFs performance.
1998) was accompanied by an HBM computer program that could calculate PRFs and RTFs. Printed tables of select PRFs and RTFs were later developed (Spitler and Fisher 1999b; ASHRAE 2001).
According to PC World, the attack is delivered using booby-trapped Rich Text (RTF) files and accessing or previewing a bugged file with Word grants the attacker the same rights as the current user.
The shaftless press includes two Tensor H-50 HD folders, each capable of handling 12 webs with the help of independently driven RTFs. Each folder comes equipped with shaftless commercial quarter folders, and the primary folder has an upper former for sectioned tabloid newspaper production.
Furthermore, all snakes exhibited maximal RTFs episodically during the Xylocaine condition, indicating that Xylocaine treatment did not eliminate the ability to produce high RTFs, but may have impaired the ability to maintain a high RTF.
(274) The OMH child care institutions are known as residential treatment facilities (RTFs).
The real time forecasting system (RTFS) is the result of our efforts to produce a fluid, data-based forecast of contemporaneous real GDP growth that is subject to continual updating the instant new data become available.