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RTFSRainbow Trout Fry Syndrome
RTFSReal-Time Financial Services
RTFSReal Time File System
RTFSRomanian Translators for Free Software
RTFSReturn To Flying Status (US DoD)
RTFSRead the Freaking Source/Spec
RTFSRead The Freakin' Screen (polite form)
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As the forecast quarter unfolds and data on the monthly indicators are announced, the RTFS selects the appropriate forecasting equation for each indicator based on how many months of data are available and uses it to generate the indicator-specific forecasts for GDP growth:
The RTFS then combines the results across indicators, weighting the individual forecasts by the strength of the estimated past relationship to GDP, specifically, the estimated [R.
An explicit discussion of the process underlying the RTFS will help illustrate its operation.
The RTFS is implemented through code written for use in EViews econometric software with online access to comprehensive data bases from Haver Analytics.
To test the potential efficacy of the RTFS, we performed a sequence of one-step-ahead forecasts starting in the first quarter of 1995 and running through the first quarter of 2003.
When we started filming RTFS we exclusively used the Florida Sportsman Fishing Forums to find anglers who were on the bite," Gozdz recalled.
According to Florida Sportsman Publisher Blair Wickstrom, the goal this year with RTFS was to maintain the grassroots, local flavor, while adding some new storytelling dimensions.