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RTQResponse to Query
RTQRecreation Training Queensland (now The Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance; Australia)
RTQReady to Qoute
RTQReturn to Quarters (fire departments)
RTQRisk Tolerance Questionnaire (investing)
RTQReal Time Quote(s)
RTQRead The Question
RTQResponse to Query (US DoD)
RTQResponsable Technique Qualifié (French: Qualified Technical Manager)
RTQRetransmission Request
RTQReleased Test Question
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Pearson's correlation coefficients were calculated between ASSIST scores and scores from the ASI-lite, MINI-plus, SDS, RTQ, DAST, and AUDIT.
La correlacion entre el puntaje para tabaco del ASSIST y el puntaje total del instrumento RTQ fue de .60 (p < .001).
The Revised Fagerstrom Tolerance Questionnaire-Smoking (RTQ) is a ten-item self-report questionnaire designed for assessing nicotine dependence (Becona & Vazquez, 1998).
In fact a critical task will be omitted from the CTQ and added to the RTQ after all parent tasks are added to the RTQ.
By considering above DAG of an application program, we have to compute NRTQ and RTQ of the tasks of given DAG
Given the ranks assigned by the experts and respondents of a particular category to RTQ criterion (Table 3), the consistency of their estimates may be determined based on the sum of differences in ranks.