RTRWRencana Tata Ruang Wilayah
RTRWReal Time Read Write (writable media; hardware)
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The area is known as one rice producing centers and become the region allotment of food crops in the RTRW Bone District 2012-2032.
This was also the last day of the month long 'Suara Hati' column engaging public commentary on the RTRW planning law.
once the rice store of Bali, becomes the naked example'.The focal point provided by the 2009 RTRW Spatial Planning Regulation controversy only heightened the opportunities for pressing what has been a fairly consistent position taken by the newspaper's editors on environmental, socio-economic and cultural protection issues, steadily prosecuted over the last two decades.
These editorial positions were reflected in public opinion gathered and reported in the newspaper's surveys concerning the RTRW planning law.
Rencana Tara Ruang Wilaya (RTRW) Prop Dati 1 Bali 1995.
Development of all roads is based on the Area Layout Plan (RTRW).