RTS3Real Time Strategy 3 (Ensemble Studios game)
RTS3Runningthescene V3 (torrent website)
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Data transmission: After node A receives DCTS from node B successfully, both node A and node B wait for a SIFS + RTS3 + SIFS time, and then transmit their respective packets to each other simultaneously in SFD mode.
Data transmission: After node A receives RTS3 from node C and node B receives DCTS from node D successfully, node A transmits Packet1 to node B and node B transmits Packet2 to node D simultaneously in DAFD mode.
Data transmission: After receiving RTS3 from node C successfully, node A waits for a SIFS time and then transmits Packet1 to node B.
and the transmission time lasts [T.sub.s1] = RTS1 + DCTS (or RTS2) + RTS3 + H + N+ E[[P].sub.longer1] + ACK + 4*SIFS + DIFS.