RTSIReal Time System Integration
RTSIRadiotelevisione Svizzera di Lingua Italiana (Radio and Television of Switzerland)
RTSIReal Time System Integration (National Instruments)
RTSIRam Tech Systems, Inc. (Newark, DE)
RTSIRussian Trading System Index (Russian financial index)
RTSIReal Time Services, Inc. (Plano, TX)
RTSIRadiation Therapy Services, Inc. (Fort Myers, FL)
RTSIRedflex Traffic Systems, Inc. (Redflex Holdings, Ltd.)
RTSIRemote Trunking System Interface
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The software can create trigger pulses for direct routing to data acquisition or machine vision hardware through either an RTSI or PXI trigger bus.
Production: Makhmalbaf Film House (Iran), Fabrica Cinema, RAL (Italy) and RTSI (Switzerland).
Routing & Scheduling System Improvements from RTSI
of IEEE International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry Leveraging a better tomorrow (RTSI), pp.
Mkhas-btsun bung-po, Bod kyi rgyal rabs sa 'og nas brnyes pa'i dum bsgrigs sna ba'i bdud rtsi, Kathmandu, 1986, pp.
An RTSI bus interface synchronizes other PCI boards in the same PC; the PXI-6882 does the same for PXI systems.
The PCI-6528 and CompactPCI/PXI-6528 advanced digital I/O devices feature channel-to-channel isolation, up to 60V DC range on both inputs and outputs, 5V logic thresholds and isolated input/output to the PXI trigger bus (RTSI).
According to RTSI, a significantly updated version of the Roadshow system, designated version 4.0, is now available.
RTSI sank 1.43% to 1433.08 points by the end of the session.
Mang thos signals several of his writings, namely, a work on vinaya, the 'Dul ba'i dka' 'grel bdud rtsi nying khu, which he wrote at the age of seventy-two; a commentary to Nagarjuna's Dharmadhatustava, at the age of seventy-seven at the behest of 'Jam dbyangs Kha che; a Pramanavarttika commentary at seventy-nine; a reply to Lo tsa ba Skyabs mchog [dpal]'s refutation of gzhan stong at eighty: additional works on vinaya at eighty-two; and an Uttaratantra exegesis and several texts anent the notion of the tathagatagarbha, at the age of eighty-four.